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Wedding rings are a sign of eternal love and a promise to cherish and hold each other till the end of time. They are more than mere jewellery pieces; these rings solidify a relationship and your devotion to your partner.

In earlier days, wedding rings for women with solitaire diamonds marked proof of a bond between two families and the respective couple. They were considered a security deposit for a man’s promise to be with his partner. But today, it is a romantic way of confessing your love and unadulterated commitment.

Although several kinds of diamond wedding rings have revolutionised the jewellery industry, one rock that serves as the “classic” is a solitaire. These wedding rings with a single gemstone in the middle are minimalist and an opulent choice for every woman. They are the ideal choice for those who are into simple and elegant designs. For an exclusive collection, visit our online website Divine Solitaires.

The Elegance of Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings come in different cuts, patterns, and finishes today. But the one which has earned the title of “everlasting” is a solitaire. It displays a single round stone on top with a plain band made from a precious material. Also known as “round brilliant”, this single diamond is enclosed in a claw-like design with four or six prongs.

As we think about solitaire wedding rings, our minds instantly come to our moment of proposal. It’s all about pinning her down and putting a ring on it, but the question is “Which ring is perfect to treasure this moment”? The answer is always solitaire. This diamond wedding ring is what she will see, and her eyes will sparkle! The brilliance of this engagement jewellery is that it is aesthetically pleasing and luxurious.

Diamonds are deeply associated with the institute of marriage. These precisely cut stones adorned on a wedding band symbolise commitment and love that never fade away. They are a promise that “I’ll always be by your side”. Always holding a special place in a couple’s heart, diamond wedding rings for women are associated with loyalty and forever relations. Divine Solitaires is your one-stop destination to find a premium range of diamond rings for your wedding.

Varieties of Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings Sets.

As we peek into the world of wedding ring sets at Divine Solitaires, we can find several styles and designs. They help us choose the ring which resonates with our emotions. Let’s look into the range of exquisite designs which will make your decision easier.

· Prong
Being one of the most common styles of diamond engagement rings for women, a prong is where a single rock is clawed. This claw has four to six prongs to enclose the diamond properly and is attached to the ring band.
P.S. Six prongs are often found in Tiffany cut diamond rings.

· Bezel
A bezel is another popular choice for a solitaire diamond wedding ring. This is where the metal surrounds the stone girdle completely. The gold band covers the diamond in such a way that there’s no scope for the stone to come off or chip. It is also known as a donut setting and is one of the simplest solitaire wedding rings to maintain.

· Tension
Unlike in a bezel or prong setting, tension-based diamond engagement rings for women hold stones through pressure. There is an opening that fits the stone, and pressure is exerted from both sides. This helps keep the diamond in place and lends a minimalist finish. Tension design is commonly featured in men’s wedding rings. From either side, tiny grooves are fit on the girdle for a beautiful texture.

As you browse through a curated collection of solitaire wedding rings, you also get to customise the cuts according to your preference. Several options among prong, bezel, and tension are available, including Channel, Twist, Bar etc

Each of these variations in diamond engagement rings for women exudes elegance and a beautiful finish.

Shopping Guide for Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings Online

When you are planning to propose or searching for wedding ring sets, there are a few things to consider. From colour to cut and design, it is important to choose a ring that conveys your emotions. You will find everything you are looking for under one roof, at Divine Solitaires.

· Style
There are several options for women’s and men’s wedding rings available today. When you are browsing through different options like classic couple band, couple engagement rings in single or multi-solitaires at Divine Solitaires online store, take your time and choose the perfect ring that matches you and your loved one’s preferences. Divine Solitaires Diamond will give your love a feeling of timelessness, just like your relationship.

· Authenticity
As solitaire and white gold wedding rings are a luxurious and important expense, it is important to confirm their authenticity. Make sure that the ring you are purchasing conforms to the originality norms. Divine Solitaires provides its Quality Guarantee Certificate® which not only grades the diamond at 123 parameters but guarantees them to be the best. This is a huge step to build value for consumers and reassure them about their purchase, and it remains unique and unmatched in the industry. Divine Solitaires Diamond rings signify a beautiful milestone in a relationship and a genuine ring is what everyone seeks at this stage of life.

· Budget
Budget plays a pivotal role in selecting the right jewellery. Whether you are on the lookout for a Wedding Solitaire Diamond ring for men or a woman, whether for a wedding or proposal, it must fit within your budget to be considered. That’s why always be clear on how much you are willing to splurge on this momentous jewellery piece. Divine Solitaires wedding ring prices start from INR 20,000 onwards.

· Size
A wedding ring should slip onto the engagement finger in such a way that it doesn’t fall off. So, make sure that you know the correct size before purchasing that rock for your partner.

· Ring Care
Taking care of your engagement ring is rule 101! Make sure that you don’t remove your ring in a public place and refrain from touching the stone. Keep the band clean by dusting it with a dry cloth and making sure no harsh chemicals on used.

Why Choose Divine Solitaires for Your Wedding Ring?

Divine Solitaires is a trusted portal where you can find the latest and most exquisite collection of engagement rings. These wedding bands are an assurance of 100% authenticity and quality. You can find a beautiful range of white gold wedding rings, solitaires, and more with us. Browse through the online platform and pick your desired wedding ring today!


1. What makes solitaire diamond rings ideal for weddings?

Solitaire rings are a mark of a timeless relationship and loyalty. That’s why it is the perfect choice for weddings. You can get your hands on the entire range of rings diamond rings for couples and weddings at Divine Solitaires official website .

2. How to choose the right size for a solitaire diamond wedding ring?

Grab a ring that fits her finger perfectly. Measure it against a ruler using a measurement tap to find out the exact size. This way you can pick the best ring from Divine Solitaires.

3. Can I customise my solitaire diamond wedding ring?

At Divine Solitaires, there is always an option for everyone. You can get a diamond wedding ring customised to your preferences. For customisations Talk to us +91 9769888666 or write to us at .

4. Are there options for both men and women's wedding rings?

Divine Solitaires has introduced an extensive wedding ring range for men and women. You can browse through the options to select the right one for your partner. Visit today and purchase your dream solitaire today for you and your loved ones.

5. What metals are available for solitaire diamond wedding rings?

White gold, Rose gold, platinum, and yellow gold options are available at Divine Solitaires for diamond wedding rings.