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    diamond earrings by Divine Solitaires
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Showing 1-14 of 253 Products

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Showing 1-14 of 253 Products

Divine Solitaires Diamond Earrings - Legacy in Fine Jewelry and Commitment to Exquisite Craftsmanship and Quality

Discover the classic style of Divine Solitaires diamond earrings, which perfectly capture the brand's history in Indian solitaire jewelry. Every pair of diamond earrings is a work of art with superb craftsmanship and unmatched quality, and every detail shines with the attraction of diamond earrings, which will elevate your style. The earrings of diamonds from Divine Solitaires are expertly selected to meet the highest standards across 123 different parameters, not simply the 4Cs that determine the beauty and value of earrings with diamonds. Bringing the world’s most beautiful earrings of diamond with Heart and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate® and transparent pricing set in exquisite solitaire jewelry to Indian consumers have been an endeavour san parallel.

Dazzling Diamond Earrings Collection

Buy Dazzling Diamond Earrings Online at Divine Solitaires. Shop from the wide range of Diamond Earrings collection that fits all your big, and small occasions. Classic designs of diamond earrings, graceful diamonds blossoming in yellow gold, white gold, Rose Gold & platinum earrings of diamonds, a symphony of brilliance and allure.

A. Diamond Earrings for Ladies: A Timeless Statement of Elegance

Diamond earrings for ladies are classic expressions of elegance for ladies, and they are more than just accessories. Ladies diamond earring holds a significant symbolism that goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. Historically, diamonds have been synonymous with wealth and power. From delicate studs, clusters, hoops, and halos to captivating drops, each pair of women's earrings diamond by Divine Solitaires is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched luxury, elevating your style with unparalleled grace.

B. Exploring Various Designs of Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings for ladies are one of the best gifts to give to someone special or to treat yourself to. Divine Solitaires women's earrings diamond come in a variety of designs and shapes like princess, oval, round, and pear-shaped diamonds. Princess-cut designs of diamond earrings go perfectly with broad faces, while round-cut earrings with diamonds are best suited for women with narrow faces. You can also consider your skin tone while selecting a diamond earring design as white metals like white gold and platinum complement a lighter skin tone, while yellow gold suits a dusky skin tone.

1. Solitaire Earrings: Classic Beauty Redefined

Diamond earrings solitaire, each pair showcases the brilliance of a single diamond earring, elegantly set to capture attention. From understated studs to striking drops, these solitaire designs earrings exude sophistication and grace, making them a must-have accessory for any occasion.

a. Designs for Solitaire Earrings: A Touch of Simplicity and Sophistication
Solitaire earrings designs offer a range of styles to suit diverse tastes. Divine Solitaires diamond solitaire earrings come in Cluster, Drop, Halo, and Stud designs, each with its unique charm. Cluster styles boast a grand, intricate appearance, while Drop designs exude elegance with elongated grace. Halo earrings create a radiant effect, while Studs offer timeless simplicity with their single stone diamond earrings. Discover the perfect solitaire style or single diamond earring from Divine Solitaires for any occasion.

b. Single Stone Diamond Earrings: Unparalleled Grace and Radiance
The fashion industry is experiencing a revolution in minimalism, a trend that single stone diamond earrings gracefully embrace. Delicate single stone diamond earrings are becoming popular among fashion-forward people, who wear them to enhance their grace, attractiveness, and elegance. The epitome of casual beauty is a single diamond earring, a single stone set in any item of jewelry made with metals 18kt yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. These delicate diamond earrings single stone, which are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear, give a classic favorite a modern twist with their delicate shine and clean lines.

c. Heart-Shaped Diamond Solitaire Earrings: Expressions of Love and Romance
Discover the beautiful symbols of love and romance that are Divine Solitaires heart shaped diamond solitaire earrings. These precisely crafted earrings, embellished with sparkling hearts and arrows diamonds, express emotion, and elegance. Heart shaped diamond solitaire earrings are ideal for giving to a loved one or marking important occasions because they represent unwavering commitment and affection.

d. 1-Carat Solitaire Diamond Earrings: Exuding Opulence and Glamour
Experience opulence and glamour with Divine Solitaires 1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Earrings. This 1 carat diamond earring beautiful pieces radiate refinement and luxury since they have been carefully made to perfection. Sparkling diamonds adorn them, bringing attention to 1 carat diamond earrings and elevating any ensemble to make a striking statement of style and elegance.

2. Diamond Earrings in Gold: Fusion of Luxury and Style

a. Gold with Diamond Earrings: A Perfect Blend of Opulence and Finesse
Experience the epitome of luxury with our stunning selection of diamond earrings in gold, where elegance and luxury merge. Each pair of meticulously and passionately crafted gold with diamond earrings features the ideal balance of sparkling diamonds and glittering gold, promising to uplift your look with the unmatched elegance of diamond earrings in gold. Our designs of gold with diamond earrings radiate timeless sophistication, whether they are intricate drop earrings or classic stud earrings. Diamond earrings in gold are a symbol of elegant glamour.

Unveiling Divine Solitaires Signature Creations

Stud solitaire earrings and cluster style hoop solitaire earrings are the most popular choices of ladies diamond earring for daily wear and are considered to be earring staples that make for versatile fashion wear, Diamond earrings designs from Divine Solitaires. Some attractive diamond earring design by Divine Solitaires, includes classic studs, elegant drop earrings, hoop solitaire earring, Cluster solitaire earring, and unique statement diamonds earrings designs.

1. Earrings Design Diamond: Fusion of Innovation and Tradition

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of diamond solitaire earring, where tradition and innovation merge. Our collection of solitaire diamond earrings offers a wide variety of styles to fit every taste, embracing the long legacy of craftsmanship while embracing modern diamond earring design. A timeless statement of elegance, each pair of solitaire earring showcases an elegant fusion of the past and present, ranging from complex designs inspired by modern trends to sleek contemporary masterpieces.

2. Solitaire Earring Designs: A Testament to Perfection and Grace

Explore Divine Solitaires collection of diamond solitaire earring, each a testament to perfection and grace. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these timeless pieces of diamond solitaire earring showcase the unparalleled brilliance of a single dazzling diamond. Whether you prefer classic studs or modern drops diamond earrings solitaire, our solitaire earrings exude elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of refined glamour to any ensemble with the world’s most beautiful diamonds with Heart and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®. We are continuously innovating and launching new and trendy single diamond earrings for our discerning customers across India.

3. Diamonds Earrings Designs: Reflecting Unmatched Brilliance and Craftsmanship

Diamond earrings for ladies are a timeless accessory that can elevate any outfit. In addition to their obvious beauty, they stand for grace, love, and dedication. A stunning selection of designs of solitaire earrings with exceptional brilliance and flawless craftsmanship is offered by Divine Solitaires. Our collection of solitaire designs earrings includes a wide selection of exquisite options, including drop earrings, delicate hoops, halo designs, and classic solitaire studs. With an extensive collection of diamond earrings solitaire that are certified for their quality not only on 4Cs but on 123 parameters, you can be sure to find a perfect pair of diamond earrings in gold and platinum that reflects your unique personality at Divine Solitaires.

Experience the Divine Solitaires Difference

Divine Solitaires is a Solitaire Diamond jewelry brand that offers the most exquisitely crafted diamond solitaire earrings & other diamond jewelry in the world. We are India’s 1st diamond jewelry brand to offer the best price for a solitaire along with Bringing the world’s most beautiful diamonds with Hearts and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate® and Nationwide Standard Transparent Pricing, which guarantees complete peace of mind, total transparency, and an assurance that you will obtain the best value for your money. Our diamond solitaire earrings come with unparalleled features such as a unique Hearts and Arrows cut, easy Upgrade option, and Insurance cover. Divine Solitaires has set the benchmark in customer satisfaction and innovation that adds value for a lifetime. Customers have put their trust in the brand and in diamond solitaire earrings for the last 18+ years and with their support it envisions growing from strength to strength in time to come.

Explore Our Exquisite Collection Today

Discover the epitome of luxury with Divine Solitaires exquisite collection today for your new favorite piece, from timeless classics to contemporary designs. With creativity and exceptional artisanship, inspired jewelry designers can create customized 1 carat diamond earrings or single stone diamond earrings to make your special moments last forever and offer you the freedom to choose your own solitaire earrings designs to create a unique solitaire earring that you can truly call your “own” creation. Contact us at +91 9769888666 or write to us at customerservice@divinesolitaires.com for customization and special requests of unique earrings design diamond and let us create a unique piece that reflects your individual style and personality.


1. Which diamond earring is best?

Divine Solitaires Classic single diamond earrings or studs are timeless and versatile, suitable for everyday wear. Hoops offer a modern and chic look, while drop diamond solitaire earrings add elegance for formal occasions. One can always go for the popular one such as the round cut or the princess cut in single stone diamond earrings, in case of confusion, and consider factors like size, shape, and quality of diamonds to find the perfect pair that complements your beauty.

2. What should I pay for diamond earrings?

Divine Solitaires diamond solitaire earrings start from INR 20,000. Meanwhile, you can also track through Know your Diamond Value and Verify Track Digital Experience on Divine Solitaires Mobile Application, which helps you know exactly how much your diamond earrings solitaire is worth, based on our Nationwide Standard and Transparent Pricing.

3. What are the 4 Cs of diamond earrings?

The 4Cs, which are the globally accepted standard to assess a pair of diamond solitaire earrings, are as follows: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The cost and quality of single diamond earring depend on these 4Cs. One should consider all these factors before judging the right value of any diamond.

4. Is it OK to wear diamond earrings everyday?

Yes, it's generally fine to wear Divine Solitaires diamond solitaire earring every day. Diamonds are the hardest known substance, so they are incredibly durable and can withstand daily wear. A real solitaire diamond earring will not lose its shine even if you wear it daily.

5. How to tell if a diamond is real?

For the authenticity of diamonds, Divine Solitaires offers the Quality Guarantee Certificate®, and GIA certificates on request.

6. What to look for in a 1 carat diamond?

When selecting a 1 carat diamond earring, prioritize cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Seek a 1 carat solitaire diamond earrings that are well-cut, colorless, or very colorless.

7. What are solitaire earrings?

Diamond earrings solitaire feature a single diamond in each earring, highlighting its brilliance. They're classic, versatile, and come in various styles like studs or drops, suitable for any occasion.

8. What grade diamond for earrings?

D color grade and IF clarity diamonds are the best from Divine Solitaires for diamond solitaire earrings.