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    Solitaire Diamond Ring - Win a cashback upto 100%
  1. Solitaire Diamond Ring - Win a cashback upto 100%
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Showing 1-14 of 568 Products

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Showing 1-14 of 568 Products

Discover the Allure of Diamond Rings

As the world discovered precious stones, one that stood out from the rest was a diamond. Lovingly called a woman’s best friend, a diamond leaves a lasting imprint on everyone’s heart. That’s why it is so widely used for engagements, anniversary, and wedding rings around the world.

Explore the glory of diamond rings at Divine Solitaires, an elite way of hallmarking a relationship.

Exploring Unique Designs of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings for women at Divine Solitaires have an exclusive look and superior quality, each crafted with love and precision.

1. Delicate and Exquisite Solitaire Rings for Ladies
Solitaire rings are associated with timeless emotions. Mirroring the foundation of your relationship and helping you carve it in stone, we have introduced new designs for diamond rings. They are ideal for creating your proposal stories or vow renewal on the 25th anniversary, or any milestone year.

2. Women's Diamond Rings: A Symbol of Timeless Elegance and Grace
New solitaire diamond wedding rings are introduced to the collection of Divine Solitaires every season. Each comes with a laser inscription and brilliant cuts of superior-quality solitaires with 8- hearts and arrows. Showcasing graceful designs and elegant finishes, these rings add to your romantic gestures.

3. Captivating Designs for Solitaire Rings: A Testament to Style and Sophistication
We have bought a range of high-quality and beautiful real diamond rings. Their captivating finish and sophisticated stone setting make them a beautiful choice for every special occasion.

Divine Solitaires - Unveiling the Signature Diamond Ring Collection

A. Offering a Wide Range of Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs for Every Occasion

Divine Solitaires has introduced a curated collection of small and big solitaire rings that are perfect for every event. Right from the proposal to the anniversary, our every ring is a testament to your feelings and never-dying loyalty.

B. Reflecting the Charm of Real Diamond Rings for Your Special Moments

The rings at Divine Solitaires not only provide carat clarity and superior cut color but also have the highest quality of set of 123 parameters in every diamond ring for women. Their charm reflects the purity of your relationship and the special moments it yearns to treasure.

Explore the Exquisite World of Diamond and Gold Rings

Step into the world of diamonds; step into Divine Solitaires. We give you a glimpse of the most romantic diamond rings with 18kt gold. You will find pieces that depict your partner’s personality and make her feel special. Discover the Allure of Diamond Rings
Real diamond rings have a way of seeping into your heart. Browse through our collection of rings at Divine Solitaires and find “the one”. Elevate your festive joy with this beautiful diamond collection.Exploring Unique Designs of Diamond Rings
Explore the exquisite solitaire diamond wedding ring collection only on Divine Solitaires. Our exclusive designs are launched while keeping modern choices and classic statement looks in mind. Visit www.shop.divinesolitaires.com for more details.

1. Delicate and Exquisite Solitaire Rings for Ladies
A single diamond ring of solitaire speaks louder than words. Beautifully enclosed in your emotions and exuding a romantic feeling, this ring is the perfect choice for your partner.

2. Women's Diamond Rings: A Symbol of Timeless Elegance and Grace
Our designer rings in diamonds are the purest way of showcasing your emotions. Their undeniable grace and everlasting opulence add to the everyday attire.

3. Captivating Designs for Solitaire Rings: A Testament to Style and Sophistication
Even a simple diamond engagement ring with a solitaire setting can instantly captivate anyone’s attention. With the world’s most beautiful diamonds with Heart and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate® and transparent pricing set in exquisite solitaire jewellery, has always been an advantage to Indian consumers.

Unveiling Divine Solitaires Signature Diamond Ring Collection

Introducing you to a world of diamonds, where each design captures heartfelt emotions.
A. Offering a Wide Range of Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs for Every Occasion
Divine Solitaires offers you a myriad of big solitaire rings. These designs are ideal for every occasion, whether you are searching for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary purpose.

B. Reflecting the Charm of Real Diamond Rings for Your Special Moments
Every diamond ring and gold has an undeniable charm, promising to treasure the special moments forever. Divine Solitaires diamond which not only grades the diamond on 123 parameters but guarantees them to be the best.

Explore the Exquisite World of Diamond and Gold Rings

Explore Divine Solitaires designer ring in diamond collection and pick your favorite. Whether it’s your special engagement day or daily wear, our Diamond ring is the best suited for every occasion.

Understanding the Beauty of Gold and Diamond Ring Combinations

A diamond ring with gold layering is a gesture of your love and commitment towards your partner. With Divine Solitaires pure diamond and gold rings, these emotions will find a way to reflect in actions. The aesthetic appeal and practicality of gold and diamond ring combinations are what makes them so beautiful. Diamond rings from Divine Solitaires are the ideal combination to fit every preference and situation, ranging from delicate and subtle patterns to stunning and eye-catching styles. Either as wedding bands, anniversary gifts, engagement rings, or casual accessories, these classic pieces radiate class and sophistication.

Unveiling the Enchantment of Rose Gold Solitaire Rings for a Touch of Romance

Beautiful rose gold with diamond rings is timeless and sophisticated. Their class and elegance remain unhinged, despite the changing trends. Rose gold's warmth and adaptability are its primary appeal. Its delicate blush tones go well with every skin tone, giving any outfit a hint of warmth and delicacy. Rose gold is elegant and subtle when paired with diamonds and has a fascinating allure.

Understanding the Value and Craftsmanship of Solitaire Diamond Rings

Every single diamond ring at Divine Solitaires is crafted with the best stone cuts. Their heart and arrow patterns position them as a premium choice for gifting.

Analyzing the Cost and Pricing Dynamics of Solitaire Diamond Rings

The value of your simple diamond engagement ring can be analyzed at Divine Solitaires. Know your diamond value and find out your Diamond worth. Use our Know your Diamond value digital experience and get the accurate pricing of your dream solitaires anytime without any second thought on authenticity.

Exploring the Astrological Benefits of Diamond Rings in Vedic Astrology

Lying under the characteristics of luxury and love is of astrological importance to these rings. They are known to bring success, love, prosperity, and wealth into one’s life. Discover the finest solitaires from Divine Solitaires for you.

Experience Divine Solitaires Commitment to Excellence

Offering High-Quality and Certified Diamond Rings for Your Special Occasions

Our solitaire diamond wedding rings are certified on 123 parameters to assure customers of their authenticity and brilliance. They are an assurance of quality and robustness. We offer specially curated diamonds with magnificent Hearts & Arrows (Ex. Ex. Ex.) Plus® cut and backed by unmatched Quality Guarantee Certificate® and Standard and Transparent Pricing.

Providing Personalized Assistance and Guidance for Your Unique Jewellery Needs

At our online platform, you can customize the rings to fulfil your desire. That’s not it; you will also get personalized guidance and assistance to meet your requirements from our customer service team. For customization call us on +91 9769888666 or write to us at customerservice@divinesolitaires.com.

Explore Our Exquisite Collection Today

Browse Our Catalog for the Latest Solitaire Diamond Ring Offerings

Are you planning to buy a ring with diamond? Explore the catalogue and pick from the new collection. We keep on introducing new pieces, just for you.

Contact Us for Customization and Special Orders

For any special orders or customizations, you can contact Divine Solitaires customer service on +91 9769888666 or write to us on customerservice@divinesolitaires.com. We are here to help you!


1. What are astrological benefits of wearing diamond?

Diamonds have several astrological benefits like bringing you wealth, success, fame, and prosperity. These positive energies are transferred to the wearer and bring abundance to life. You can buy the most gorgeous diamond for yourself at Divine Solitaires.

2. What is the solitaire ring price in India?

The cost of a solitaire diamond ring in India ranges between INR 20,000 and INR 2,50,000, depending on the cut and design. At Divine Solitaires, you will get the best designs at affordable prices. We also provide a lifetime buyback & upgrade option for your convenience.

3. Is a 2 carat diamond ring too big?

Whether a 2-carat ring looks big or small depends on the stone setting. A shallow stone will look bigger as compared to a deeply infused rock. You can explore both types of 2-carat rings at Divine Solitaires and pick your favourite.

4. What is the cost of solitaire?

At Divine Solitaires, a loose solitaire will cost you anywhere between INR 12,500 and INR 57,00,000.

5. Is solitaire cheaper than diamond?

Solitaire is more expensive as compared to diamond as the carat is higher in the former. You can browse the entire collection at Divine Solitaires to better understand the prices.

6. Why are solitaire rings more expensive?

Solitaire rings are more expensive as they are over 0.30 carats. These rings are the centrepiece of your jewellery and command a higher price than the smaller diamonds. You can buy the best solitaire diamond rings at Divine Solitaires online store.

7. Is solitaire a real diamond?

Solitaire is a real diamond. In fact, solitaire means “single diamond set into a jewellery piece”. Their simplicity makes them a beautiful choice for gifting rings. You can explore and buy the best solitaire ring from Divine Solitaires.