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Solitaire Diamond Jewellery Online

Looking for solitaire diamonds online jewellery? Divine Solitaires offers certified diamonds in a variety of designs. Expect quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and secure online shopping. Shop with confidence for your perfect piece. Divine Solitaires is the best solitaire jewellery brand which offers attractive designs at unbelievable prices. Visit our website for more information and designs.

Introduction to Divine Solitaires Jewellery:

Divine Solitaires is renowned for its constant dedication to quality and craftsmanship, making it the pinnacle of elegance and luxury. Divine Solitaires enjoys a tremendous amount of brand loyalty, and customers swear by its quality and transparent policies. Divine Solitaires has embraced digital technologies in a big way to bring the brand closer to the customer and offer information and services at their fingertips. Through its mobile app, customers can avail themselves of the free insurance facility and verify and track their diamond’s journey right from the mine. They also get to know the current prevailing price, upgrade/buyback eligibility and value, and even eligible loans available against their diamond! Whether it's engagement rings, earrings, or pendants, Divine Solitaires exquisite designs of diamond setting jewellery and services at fingertips capture the essence of timeless elegance.

Solitaire Jewellery Collection:

With its unique shine and beauty, each diamond from Divine Solitaires stands out, drawing the eye with its captivating brilliance. Divine Solitaires diamonds have been carefully chosen to meet the highest standards in 123 distinct characteristics that determine their beauty and worth, in addition to the 4Cs. Divine Solitaires has gone on to build a truly remarkable and one of its kind brands that has changed the industry for solitaire diamonds and jewellery. Delivering the most precious diamonds in the world to Indian customers in the form of exquisite solitaire jewelry, Heart and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate®, and transparent pricing have been an endeavor unmatched. Over the years Divine Solitaires has grown from a handful of diamond jewellers partners who believed in the vision to a family of over 200 jewelers in more than 100 cities across India with a strong presence of jewellers online shopping.


Elevate your style and sophistication with our curated selection of Diamond necklace jewellery in online, meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty & brilliance of solitaire diamonds. From classic necklace to statement tennis Diamond necklaces, which you can wear on any occasions like party or can be used as Bridal wear, each piece exudes timeless elegance and luxury. Explore our collection and discover the perfect necklace to adorn yourself with Divine Solitaires signature blend of craftsmanship. Divine Solitaires uses the finest materials for our Diamond necklace, featuring Natural Certified diamonds consisting of Hearts & Arrows (i.e., 1% of world's Diamonds) studded in 18K gold. Personalize your necklace with Divine Solitaires customization options and call us at +91 9769888666. Choose from various metals like gold or platinum and select diamond sizes and shapes to create a unique piece that reflects your style and preferences.

Nose Pin:

Discover Divine Solitaires nose pin collection jewellery in online and experience a vast varieties of stunning solitaire nose pins for a touch of elegance and style. Embrace timeless womanhood with the Classic Solitaire Stud featuring a single solitaire diamond, Twisted Solitaire Hoop type Nose pin with Modern twist, Floral Solitaire Nose Screw featuring a solitaire diamond in a floral design and Halo Nose pin designs with side diamonds studded with a single solitaire. Each pin is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring maximum comfort for all-day wear. With a range of styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect piece to complement your style. Plus, superior craftsmanship and premium materials guarantee durability and lasting beauty.


Divine Solitaires mangalsutras feature solitaire diamonds, symbolizing eternal love and commitment, making them the perfect choice for celebrating your union. Each design seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair, capturing the essence of timeless romance. Embrace the significance of mangalsutras as symbols of marital bliss and embark on your journey together in style with Divine Solitaires stunning creations. The classic single solitaire or designs like Halo considered as a minimalist Classic Mangalsutra. Divine Solitaire Mangalsutra looks the best in black & yellow; with various single or multi-Solitaire designs which enhance its beauty further. Discover the premium collection of Divine Solitaires jewellery online today.

Wrist-Wear Bangles:

Even though we are members of the rapidly changing modern human race, we nevertheless like sticking to the custom of wearing a piece of jewelry set with gold diamonds on certain occasions. For generations, wristwear Diamond Bangles have been the one kind of jewelry worn on many fashionable wrists. Customize your bangle with options for metal type, diamond size, and design details, creating a truly personalized piece that reflects your unique style. Buy an attractive single line with unique designs of diamond bangles jewelry shopping online from Divine Solitaires exquisite collection of gold diamond bangles for every occasion, from classic to trendy, and everything in between, and add it today to your jewelry wardrobe. Explore today our Solitaire jewelry shopping online from Divine Solitaires.

Wrist-Wear Oval Bangles:

With our exquisite oval bangle designs set with solitaire diamonds, you can up your style game. Each piece is a work of elegance and sophistication that elevates your look. It features exquisitely cut Hearts & Arrows (Ex. Ex. Ex.) Plus® diamonds and backed by unmatched Quality Guarantee Certificate® and Standard and Transparent Pricing. Explore our curated selection of wrist-wear oval bangles from our online jewellery websites and discover the perfect statement piece to elevate your wrist-wear game with jewelry shopping online. Diamond bangles make a shimmering statement and come in an incredible variety.

Online Shopping Experience:

With Divine Solitaires, enjoy a smooth online shopping experience of Solitaire Jewellery, combining seamless browsing, secure payments, and hassle-free checkout for your utmost satisfaction.
Easily navigate through Divine Solitaires Solitaire Jewellery collection with intuitive filtering options like Metal type, choose your own color & clarity of a diamond. Detailed descriptions and high-quality images help you make informed decisions, Easiest secure payment options safeguarding your information through payment options like CCAveneu and UPI transactions. Streamlined checkout process ensures hassle-free transactions, whether you're a guest or a registered user.

Diamond Setting Jewellery:

Divine Solitaires jewelry embodies exquisite craftsmanship through a range of diamond setting techniques, some of the common Diamond setting Jewelry type are: Prong Setting: Diamonds are secured in place by small metal claws, allowing light to enter from all angles, enhancing brilliance. Bezel Setting: Diamonds are encased in a metal rim, offering both protection and a contemporary, sleek appearance.
These setting styles exemplify Divine Solitaires dedication to precision and craftmanship through their 57/58 facets, Bringing the world’s most beautiful diamonds with Heart and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate® and transparent pricing set in exquisite solitaire jewellery ensuring each diamond is showcased beautifully. Divine Solitaires Diamonds are meticulously crafted ensuring that every diamond is perfectly showcased and securely set, exemplifying the brand's commitment to excellence in diamond setting. Each setting style requires exceptional precision and expertise to achieve Divine Solitaires standards of quality.

Jewelry Shopping Online:

Shopping at Divine Solitaires online offers a wide selection of solitaire jewelry with easy filtering and detailed information. Enjoy convenient purchasing, customizable options, and certified quality diamonds, all with flexible shipping and 24/7 accessibility. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process: Go to Divine Solitaires official website, Explore categories like rings, earrings, pendants etc. Use filters to narrow down your search. Select your product, check details & other specifications. Click "Add to Cart" for selected items. Review cart, enter shipping/payment info, and checkout.
Divine Solitaires ensures secure online transactions with encrypted payment gateways like Razorpays, SSL encryption etc. When you shop securely with us, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Jewellery Websites:

Divine Solitaires is your trusted platform for exquisite Diamond jewellery shopping. Our website offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, designed to make your search for the perfect piece of jewellery effortless and enjoyable.
• Easily find the jewellery piece you desire with our intuitive search function. Whether you're looking for a solitaire ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet, you can quickly narrow down your options to find exactly what you're looking for.
• Refine your search results further using our advanced filters. Filter by diamond shape, size, metal type, and more to find jewellery pieces that match your preferences and budget.
• Explore detailed product descriptions and high-resolution images to get a closer look at each jewellery piece. Learn about the diamond's cut, clarity, and certification, as well as the craftsmanship and design of the jewellery setting.
At Divine Solitaires, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional jewellery shopping experience. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, you can trust in the quality, authenticity, and beauty of our jewellery collection. Discover the perfect piece to add sparkle to your life today.

Solitaire Jewellery Care Tips:

Solitaire Jewellery Care Tips:
• Avoid letting oil from your fingers affect your diamond's shine; clean it every two weeks.
• Mix water and mild cleaning solution; soak the stone for a minute or two.
• Use a clean toothbrush solely for cleaning the solitaire; be gentle, especially with delicate settings.
• Rinse the diamond with water and dry it with a cloth afterward.
• Never use harmful solutions like chlorine bleach; they can damage the metal or settings.
• For extra sparkle, soak your gem in a window cleaner solution.
• Use toothpicks to remove dirt between prongs but be cautious not to scratch the stone.
• Store each diamond jewellery piece separately to prevent scratches, as only a diamond can scratch another diamond.
By following these care tips, you can maintain the brilliance and beauty of your solitaire jewellery for years to come.


1. Can I customize my solitaire jewellery according to my preferences?

Yes, Divine Solitaires likely offers customization options for solitaire jewellery to suit your preferences. While customizing diamond jewellery, choose a carat weight not just based on size but also cut grade as it strongly affects the quality of your diamond. Divine Solitaires diamonds range from IF to S12 clarity and from D to K colour for customisations.

2. What is the best way to care for solitaire jewellery to maintain its brilliance?

To maintain the brilliance of your solitaire jewelry, follow these care tips:
• Clean it regularly with warm water.
• Avoid harsh chemicals and impact.
• Store it in a soft pouch or jewelry box.
• Get it professionally inspected periodically.
• Moisture can weaken the metal and reduce the brightness of the diamond. Keep your jewelry out of the moisture and in a dry area.

3. How secure is the online shopping experience with Divine Solitaires?

When a consumer purchases any jewellery in online from Divine Solitaires shopping basket using any online payment method offered on our website, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology protects the customer's information. This guarantees that when your personal information is transmitted from the consumers, it is protected from outside parties.

4. What sets Divine Solitaires apart from other online jewellery retailers?

Divine Solitaires sets itself apart from other online jewelry retailers with its commitment to authenticity, quality craftsmanship, certified diamonds, and excellent customer service. Delivering the most precious diamonds in the world to Indian customers in the form of beautiful solitaire jewelry, Hearts, and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.) Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate®, and transparent pricing set in exquisite solitaire jewellery to Indian consumers has been an endeavour san parallel. In terms of innovation that creates value over time and customer pleasure, Divine Solitaires has established the standard.